My journey to Design

About 4.5 years ago I moved from Miami, Florida to Westminster, Colorado. When I arrived I had not yet completed my associates degree, but did have a few credits to transfer over and begin my slow climb to higher education. After completing my Associates degree, I knew I wanted to attend CU Denver, but I was not sure which program was best. I knew I had a love of art, building, computers and color…then I found the school of media arts and decided that is where I wanted to be, grow, learn and flourish. I chose Digital Design as my focus because at one point in my life I recognized that although I could draw and paint, my abilities were somewhat limited. Finding a way to digitally render my ideas in such a way that was both creative and boundless became a new opportunity to build on what I loved. With the use of technology, I found a way to create things as well as impact user experience. I hope this journey teaches me many lessons along the way.

Published by steviemanso13

My name is Stephanie Sanchez-Manso (Stevie Manso to be able to get a good domain name, and well, because it's fun) and I am studying to be a Digital Designer and Creative Producer at The University of Colorado Denver. I illustrate, paint, fabricate, illuminate and digitalize as creatively as possible. I consider myself a creative problem solver and dedicated producer with high attention to detail. I enjoy building color palettes, logo conception and design as well as typography. I am currently sharpening my photo and video editing skills and this site will serve to exhibit my design skills as I continue to build them and my brand "EyeDiass". Follow me down the design rabbit hole for some examples of what I am learning and how I can apply them.

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